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BREAKING Cricket 5PSL 2020: Postponed


LAHORE: The HBL Pakistan Super League 2020, has been postponed with immediate effect as per announcement of Pakistan Cricket Board. The two semi-finals and the final will be rescheduled.

This decision was taken after a player, probably Alex Hales who had left Pakistan a few days ago, showed symptoms of COVID-19 and he will undergo screening shortly.

The PCB, has advised all the players and other involved individuals to undergo tests especially if they have any travel plan.

Besides 5PSL, PCB has also suspended all of its domestic activities and cricket games and events.

Mr. Wasim Khan, Chief Executive PCB issued the following statement: “This is absolutely the right thing to do after an overseas player, who will be tested in his country shortly, has shown symptoms of COVID-19.

“The PCB has also facilitated the process of carrying out immediate tests of all those who were involved with the HBL Pakistan Super League.

“This is an unprecedented situation, which is evolving with each passing day. The PCB has closely monitored the situation and had taken precautionary measures including consultation with relevant authorities and temperature screening of players, officials and media on match and non-match days.

“The PCB believes it has made the right decisions in the lead up to the postponement of the tournament that included consulting the team owners, holding the matches behind closed doors, allowing the players the option to withdraw from the tournament, rescheduling of the matches and reducing the number of event days.

“Obviously before postponing the tournament, we took into confidence the team owners.

“The PCB will use its reach and influence to play its part in all government’s drives and initiatives to create awareness and dealing with this pandemic. The PCB hopes and prays that normalcy returns quickly to our society so that everyone can return to a healthy and routine lifestyle and we can bring back cricket to the fans.”


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