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Valentine Week 2020 Full List of Days for PDF Download Online: Check Date-Sheet and Significance of Each Day From Rose Day to Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Valentine’s Day – it is that time of the year when love is in the air, shops are filled with red hearts and Happy Valentine’s Day greetings and posters, and couples are busy posting long love messages for their special someone. However, the history behind Valentine’s Day celebrations remains fairly unknown. Every Year, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14, and the preceding week is commemorated as Valentine’s week, with special days and celebrations each day. Valentines Week 2020 begins on Friday, February 7, with Rose day, and goes on till February 14 aka Valentine’s Day. But what is the significance of the eight days celebrated in the Valentine Week? You can easily download this Valentine Week 2020 calendar in PDF format.

Valentine’s Day marks the death anniversary of Saint Valentine. Valentine’s Day celebration originated as a Western Christian feast day honouring one or two early saints named Valentinus. Saint Valentine has various martyrdom stories associated with him, and the most common of them is known to be that he performed wedding ceremonies for soldiers who were forbidden from marriage. His death and the days preceding it are therefore filled with a celebration of love, its importance in every day and age and the power that it holds. As we gear up for the celebration of Valentine Week, 2020, here is everything you need to know about this romance filled time. Happy Valentine’s Day 2020 Wishes in Advance: WhatsApp Stickers, GIF Images, Love Quotes, Greetings and SMS to Send Your Partner Ahead of The Festival of Love.

February 7 (Friday) – Rose Day 2020

The first day of Valentine’s week, February 7, is celebrated as Rose Day. On this day, people enjoying gifting roses to our loved once. While it was limited to the traditional red rose, that signified a romantic interest, in recent times, these celebrations include different coloured roses, each colour symbolising a different type of love. This change plays a significant role in understanding that love exists in various forms, apart from the traditional romance that we have all grown to know and adore.

February 8 (Saturday) – Propose Day 2020

Marked a day after Rose Day, this celebration sets the perfect premise for people in courtship who have been hesitating to take the next step or those who have been trying to begin a new relationship to ask the big question. Propose Day, as the name suggests, gives lovers and future lovers a chance to ask the big question – whatever it may be.

February 9 (Sunday) – Chocolate Day 2020

February 9 is celebrated as Chocolate Day, and on this day people enjoy gifting each other delicious treat that instantly fills us with love and warmth. Popular gifts for love-struck couples varies from heart-shaped treats that scream cuteness overload to more elegant chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne.

February 10 (Monday) – Teddy Day 2020

Teddy Day celebration is filled with the cute studded toys that have sweet messages embossed in them. From the cute little ‘I love you’ teddy keychains that serve as a memoir to life-sized versions of the soft-toy that fulfils the dreams of all cuddle-bears, this day serves the purpose for them all.

February 11 (Tuesday) – Promise Day 2020

February 11 is celebrated as Promise Day and focuses on the trust that ever relationship demands. The new age celebration of this day often involves sharing of the traditional promise rings which make adorable gifts.

February 12 (Wednesday) – Hug Day 2020

Hug Day celebrations as the name suggest is a perfect celebration of love and peace. Hugs are considered to be a sign that can showcase every emotion from forgiveness to love, peace and comfort. The gifts shared on this day are often the most inexpensive and undoubtedly priceless – the perfect warm and cuddly hugs.

February 13 (Thursday) – Kiss Day 2020

Kiss Day falls on just a day before Valentine’s Day and more often than not, couples enjoy spending their evenings on romantic dates on this day. The day is filled with love and happiness and sets the premise for the most special day of the month.

February 14 (Friday) – Valentine’s Day 2020

February 14 or Valentine’s Day marks the embodiment of the week-long celebration. It marks the date that Saint Valentine died and as an ode to his strong and unabashed support for love, people go all out and share their love through and through. While the purpose of Valentine’s Day may have evolved through the years, the meaning behind this day continues to be a pure display of love.

Each day of Valentine’s Week has signified something special and an important aspect of the relationship. Be it the importance of kissing and making up after every fight or merely remembering to spread the love forward with the fuzziest of hugs. We hope that this Valentine’s Day we scratch deeper into the meaning of this celebration and spread some much-needed love in the air.

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